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Contact RWSI if you are in need of highly experienced helicopter consultants to assist you in your program including helicopter selection, induction, operation, maintenance and helipad / heliport projects. 

Safety Audit

What is your company goal? Are you achieving highest safety levels for your Customers, Passengers, Employees & Machines? If not, why not? RWSI can help. RWSI Safety Audit Team of highly-qualified & experienced professionals will help you recognize deviations from aviation standards and help in reporting & rectification for safe flying operation. Third Part Safety Audit by RWSI helps timely rectification of deviations.

Scope of Safety Audit

The objective of the audit is to conduct an analysis of the operator's policies, standards, procedures and facilities with respect to the helicopter operations in order to ensure that conformance with the operators delegated authorities and regulatory requirements are complied with and that maximum provision for flight safety is practised.

RWSI (at least two experts) shall carry out the work specified below in accordance with the rules and regulations laid down by DGCA (Director General of Civil Aviation, India) and ICAO. The scope of audit shall include -

a) Standards as applicable in DGCA, CAR Section 2 series 'O' Part IV, Part X, Issue III were applied. Standard procedures included interviews with management, supervisors, and other personnel, inspection of facility review of related polices, procedures, standards and records maintained by the operator.

b) In addition, it will be verified if important safety consideration as applicable for offshore operations/onshore operations were adopted to ensure safety and cost effectiveness.

c) During the inspection, the team will verify whether the condition of the helicopters and equipment fitted on it for off shore operations/onshore operations are in consonance with the DGCA standards as also various others worldwide standards in relation to offshore operations.

d) It will be verified if the helicopter is fully capable of meeting offshore/ onshore operational requirements of its customers, provided it is operated within the framework of various rules, regulations, procedures, circulars and manufacturers recommendations as applicable to off -shore operations.

Safety Tip

Summary of Safety Audit/Consultancies  handled by RWSI.

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