Objectives & Aspirations

In addition to the promotion and diffusion of knowledge of the Aeronautical Sciences and related engineering, RWSI is also committed to promoting the advancement of the Industry in achieving the highest levels of safety and efficiency.

♦ By encouraging communication and cooperation amongst members.

♦ Enhancing professional skills.

♦ Collecting, compiling and analyzing pertinent data and sharing resultant information.

♦ Assisting Govt. and private sector to improve the number and quality of helipad/heliports including safety services.

♦ Providing the latest information on safety trends, statistics and management techniques related to industry.

♦ Interaction with Regulatory Authority to help establish an enabling environment.

♦ Encouraging collaboration with other similar institutions in India and abroad.

♦ Contribute to periodicals, print, publish and distribute reports, studies and other publications and journals.

♦ Establish information systems and organize conferences, seminars and other meetings in fulfillment of objects of the Society.