Membership Qualifications

Qualifications for membership and the procedure to be followed for admitting members shall be laid down by the Governing Council. An initial admission fee and Annual/Life Membership fees shall be payable by all members of the Society except Honorary Members and unless otherwise determined by the Governing Council.

1. The members shall be entitled to the rights and privileges mentioned here-in after:

(a) Only the names of members shall be entered in the Register to be kept as per Section 15 of the Societies Registration Act 1860.

(b) Every member of the Society shall, save as provided in Rule 44, be entitled to vote at any meeting of the Society.

(c) The qualifications, mode of election, rights, privileges and obligations of members shall, save as here-in provided, be prescribed by Regulations made by the Society from time to time and shall also be subject to alteration or repeal by such Regulations.

2. Categories: The Society admits Institutions, Corporate and professionals of credentials as members (The categories of memberships includes, Corporate Members, Annual/Life Members, Associate Members, Affiliate Members and Honorary Members). It is also proposed to award fellowship to its distinguished members who had/have made major contributions to the growth of the Society.

11. Eligibility: Annual/Life Members to the Society will be admitted on the basis of their meeting the eligibility criteria. As per the requirements, Members should have achieved distinction in the field of Helicopter Aviation and/or shall have held a position of responsibility for a minimum period of five years. In addition, they should have either: –

(a) Made useful Scientific or technical contribution in the field of helicopter design and production or testing or training or

(b) Acquired considerable experience of the practical aspects of helicopter aviation for at least a total period of 10 years as pilots, Flight engineers, maintenance engineers, production engineers or other scientific or as technical personnel engaged in helicopter aviation activities or a field related to helicopter industry such as finance, marketing, law, medicine, management, infrastructure etc acceptable to the council.

3. Corporate Members: Corporate Members shall be institutions/commercial organisations. The Society can receive and collect voluntary contributions/donations from Institutions/ commercial organisations interested in promoting the objects of the Society.

4. Associate Membership & Affiliate Membership Categories. The eligibility conditions are:-

a) Associate Members: Associate Membership in the RWSI shall be limited to any person, partnership, corporation or other business entity, which is:

i) A prime airframe, rotor or engine manufacturer or developer of helicopters, rotors, helicopter equipment or engines for helicopters, and offering a certified product to the industry; or,

ii) A supplier or service group providing supplies or services for helicopter operators; or,

iii) A manufacturer of equipment integral to non-helicopter flight operations, including airframes, engines and components/ spare parts.

b) Affiliate Members: Affiliate Membership in the Society shall be available to any organization which may be determined by the Governing Council to have interests similar to those of the RWSI and which conducts its activities in a manner consistent with the RWSI Code of Ethics. An Affiliate Membership shall not entitle the holder to any RWSI services or to the privileges of Life or Associate Membership.

The validity of the “Associate Membership” & ” Affiliate Membership” will, however, be for three years and membership fee will be Rs 3000/- for India or US $100 for Members abroad.

5. Honorary Members:

(a) The Council may elect as Honorary Members eminent persons intimately connected with helicopter aviation/persons who have made exceptionally important contribution to the cause of helicopter aviation in India and whom the Society especially desires to honour.

(b) For Honorary Fellows: A letter of admission shall be sent by mail. The original certificate shall be given at an ensuing General Body Meeting or Council Meeting of the Society.